All Material

These polishing pads are for use with all lens materials, and come in a variety of styles including Pink Supreme, Yellow Supreme, Green Supreme, A-Mazen and Ultra.

Pink Supreme

Yellow Supreme
Yellow Supreme utilizes a high density textile base and multi-step finishing process. This ensures precise pad thickness while offering aggressive stock removal. The exclusive natural rubber based, pressure sensitive adhesive provides labs with outstanding consistency day in and out with residue free removal.

Green Supreme
Green Supreme polishing pads are designed to withstand extended polishing cycle applications. The Green Supreme provides a high luster finish on polycarbonate, hard resin, and hi-index materials with less fiber erosion than other pads. This premium grade material utilizes the best natural rubber backed, pressure sensitive adhesive for firm, temporary positioning with residue free removal.

These A-MAZEN pads have a textured surface which creates pockets of polish on the pad and keeps the polish where it belongs, providing a better surface finish, faster.

Ultra polishing pads take the best features of today’s proven pads and combines them for the best possible performance. Ultra’s thicker carrier provides more uniformity than other pads. This carrier has been combined with more durable dye-free, flocked fibers and clear flocking cement. With no dye, these fibers are more resilient, resisting breakdown and slurry contamination.