Hard Coat

We develop and manufacture our coating solutions at our research and development facility in Boca Raton, FL. All coatings are premium quality with only the best of raw materials and are produced with an unsurpassed, inline quality control process. Whether your looking for high abrasion or high adhesion to many types of lens materials, we have the solution. In addition to coating a variety of lenses, our hard coating solutions work with all leading spin coating machines on the market including our popular platforms, Velocity 2D, Velocity and Simplicity.

Velocity Coater
We have designed specially formulated versions of our three top hard coatings, ProCoat, UXMAX, DURA-UV, for specific use with our Velocity spin coater.

All Other Spin Coaters
Beyond just our machines (Velocity 2D and Simplicity), our coating solutions can be used with all leading spin coaters on the market today, including Ultra Optics' MR3 and Mini2.

Stratum Coater
We offer an assortment of coatings for our Stratum coater including a tintable, tintable poly and non-tintable coating.