Coburn's lap tools are designed to assist the fining and polishing of lenses during the lens surfacing process. Various laps and tools include foam laps, plastic laps, lightweight laps, VersaTool laps and special adapters.

LapMaster Foam Laps
Dense foam lap tools may be processed on Coburn SGX and SL2 Surface Generators to exactly match processed lenses. LapMasters are designed for one time use and are a convenient and economical alternative when required tools are unavailable.

Q392 Lightweight Laps
The Coburn Q392 lightweight lap tools have been designed to be as light as possible, while maintaining structural stability. Q392 laps are molded from an engineering plastic, which permits the lightweight design with maximum stiffness and stability. The selection of proprietary blended materials coupled with a design featuring a cavity and rib construction to reduce weight makes the Q392 lap special. Processing uncut 76-80 millimeter blanks with 2 ½ x 3” tools not only increases cycle times, but also increases rejects because of edge swirls that do not polish out. Eliminate this costly problem by using the 3 ½” Q392 lightweight lap tools.

SG Plastic Laps
A proven plastic lap series to support lap cutting on SGX Surface Generators and to provide an alternative to Q392 finished lap sets. SG Plastic Lap Series has been successfully used with Coburn generators in the field.

VersaTool XRL Laps
Coburn’s XRL lap tool is designed for long lasting curve accuracy. Composed of tough stable material, the XRL is easily processed on the SL2 or Lensmaker XRT. It has an extended curve range of -7 diopters to +20 diopters with up to 10 diopters of cylinder. The rigidity of the XRL design eliminates flexing so that curves remain true. VersaTool XRL lap tools are supplied in a semi-finished form for processing in your lab, or you can specify the curve and Coburn will finish it for you.

Special Adapters