Toric Surfacer

Toric Surfacer. About this grid.
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1223400 SPRING,COMP,.480X.063X.500 SS$9.59 EA See Details for SPRING,COMP,.480X.063X.500 SS
1643700 O-RING,13/16X1X3/32W,NS117$0.50 EA See Details for O-RING,13/16X1X3/32W,NS117
1650800 O-RING,1-1/16x1/16W, AS568-021, BUNA-N$0.50 EA See Details for O-RING,1-1/16x1/16W, AS568-021, BUNA-N
644200 O-RING,11/16X7/8X3/32,NS115$0.50 EA See Details for O-RING,11/16X7/8X3/32,NS115
964200 BEARING,2.362X3.739,D/SHIELDED$68.23 EA See Details for BEARING,2.362X3.739,D/SHIELDED
641700 PIN,DOWEL 1/4X1",$1.19 EA See Details for PIN,DOWEL 1/4X1",
4012000 BUSHING,CLAMP$22.50 PC See Details for BUSHING,CLAMP
3118900 ASSEMBLY, LAP TABLE$1,652.07 EA See Details for ASSEMBLY, LAP TABLE
3117900 BAFFLE, LAP TABLE$74.13 EA See Details for BAFFLE, LAP TABLE
2575700 PIN,LAP CLAMP$4.58 PC See Details for PIN,LAP CLAMP
2305300 PLATE,FRONT CLAMP$262.11 EA See Details for PLATE,FRONT CLAMP
1967000 BEARING,#TC-815$8.12 EA See Details for BEARING,#TC-815
1864000 TUBING,URETHANE,1/8X1/4,$3.09 FT See Details for TUBING,URETHANE,1/8X1/4,
1236002 BREAKER,CIRCUIT,2A W28XQ1A-2$33.48 EA See Details for BREAKER,CIRCUIT,2A W28XQ1A-2
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